Term & Condition

1- Submission of this registration form to the firm with or without signature / thumb impression, will only be entertained as an intent / application by the applicant (whose details are provided on the form) to register him / herself as a customer of the firm “Awami Residential Complex Lahore" willing to purchase, a Residential Apartment upon completion of its land acquisition through purchase /Joint Venture, approval of the project from the concerned development authority /TMA or any other department and completion of payments by the applicant as per terms & conditions of this application / registration form.

2- All payments against this registration including down payment / form’s price (if any) and installments received in the firm’s designated account only, supported with payment proof, shall be considered as refundable advance payments only and do not qualify towards the delivery of an Apartment applied for unless the following occurs:

a- Payment is completed against this registration in total including surcharge (if any) by the applicant and the required quantum of land against this application is acquired by the firm through purchase or Joint Venture (whatever the case may be) thereafter.

b- The respective land / building plan is included in the housing project’s approval and permission is granted from the concerned development authority/ department thereafter.

c- Clearance of all dues and payments by the applicant including service charges, and additional mandatory payment chargeable against the circulation area, along with payment against any additional allotted area, both payable at same per square foot rate as mentioned in the table below, at time of ballot/allotment.

3- Upon successful and timely completion of the payment of and its acknowledgment by the firm, upon procurement of required land against this registration, upon approval of the housing scheme and buildings layout plan along with extensions of the said project /building plans, by Lahore Development Authority /TMA or any concerned department, and upon completion of development works at site, the applicant shall qualify for allotment of an apartment registered for in the project “Awami Residential complex Lahore", at the location provided by the firm.

4- All applications according to their categories / Residential apartment size, registered for will be entertained on first come, first served basis provided timely completion of payments was done against the registration.

5- Submission of this registration form, with or without signature /thumb impression, will not be considered as a confirmation of apartment/villa / plot allotment, and will be entertained only as an intent to register oneself as a customer as per the terms & conditions printed on this registration form only OR at the discretion of a revised policy adopted by firm’s management from time to time.

6- The down payment or form’s price (if any), if received in firm’s designated account only or any other amount paid in a designated bank account against Awami Residential Complex / installment advances is adjustable in all existing and future phases of this project or any other sister projects of the firm /Group.

7- One can submit more than one registration form /application.

8-All installments are to be made according to the category/size of the registration as per schedule of payments through bank draft/pay order/cash in favour of “Awami Residential Complex Lahore”

(NTN No: 8157951-0), as per Bank Information provided to the applicant along with registration/intimation letter.

9- No applicant shall be paid any interest/markup against the amount paid by him to the firm, whatsoever.

10- The cost paid against this registration shall be considered to be the estimated cost of the apartment size, payable in installments as intimated by the management in the schedule of payments according to the category registered for, however the firm at its sole discretion reserves the right to revise the price proportionate to increase in the estimated land acquisition & construction costs incurred by the firm and the difference intimated by the firm to the applicant shall be payable by the applicant thereafter. Upon timely completion of advance installments against this registration along with clearance of surcharges or any other outstanding dues this registration may be considered for ballot as per proposed town plan/ Building plan of the project subject to the town plan/ Building plan approval from the concerned development authority/ department

11- The development charges if any (for Road /Sewerage infrastructure development) shall be applied as per schedule given by the management thereafter.

12- 0.1% surcharge per day shall be levied in case of late payment of installments or dues.

13- In case of a default of two or more consecutive installments the firm’s Management, reserves the right to cancel the registration OR revise the registration cost and issue the applicant with a new payment plan to be followed by the applicant.

14- In an event of non-payment of two consecutive installments on the due dates or any current dues/ surcharge levied on the due date, the registration made shall stand cancelled without any notice and its restoration shall be at the sole discretion of the firm at the time of delivery provided penalties / fines are paid to the satisfaction of the firm’s management. In case the firm decides to restore the registration then a notice of restoration along with penalties/ new payment plan /fines shall be served at the current mailing address and any excuse of change of current address without prior intimation and written acknowledgment of the firm shall not be entertained.

15- A Registration once made/issued or the rights of a registration once transferred, cannot be surrendered back to the firm, unless cancelled as per para 13.

16- In case of default in payments of two consecutive installments besides down payment, a registration made shall stand blocked /cancelled without notice and in case of non-removal of default by the applicant within 15 days from first default occurrence, a registration made shall stand cancelled without notice. Its restoration shall be at the sole discretion of the firm as mentioned in clause 13 & 14.

17- In event of cancellation or a refund, 50% of the down payment received against the registration and 20% of the installment amounts received against this registration shall be deducted from the deposited amount at the time of refund in a time period as per convenience / discretion of firm’s management after the refund claim is filed by the applicant. The refund will be entertained for those payments only which will be supported by payment proof in the form of bank deposit slips proving deposit in the firm’s designated bank account only and no other payment mode adopted by the applicant shall be entertained at all for refund. Down payments / installments adjusted as rebates, merging, commissions, compensation against any agreement including land exemption agreements or service shall not be refundable at all.

18- The management reserves the right to re-allot a cancelled registration and its rights thereof. In this regard the decision of the firm shall not be challenged before any authority or court as the case may be.

19- This application shall be considered for the intended size selected by the applicant; however actual size may vary, and accounts shall be adjusted thereof accordingly at the per square foot cost applicable by the firm at the time of allotment.

20- For Apartments, at the time of allotment the following additional charges will apply for the below mentioned floors:

  1. Ground Floor 5% b. First Floor 4%                c. Second Floor 3%

21- The Apartment area mentioned in the payment plan given below is the estimated area mentioned for calculation of price on per square foot basis; Exact area shall be calculated at the time of allotment. However, any additional mandatory payment shall by payable by the applicant against circulation area chargeable at same per square foot sale price.

22- Upon completion of project development and successful completion of payments by the applicant including development charges / possession charges, taxes and all related dues levied by the firm, or the concerned government authority / department, physical possession shall be handed over to the successful applicant. Till the completion of such payment in total the applicant, will have no right to enter upon or to permit his/her agents, servants, employees, or contractors to enter upon the allotted apartment.

23- Applicant shall abide by these terms and conditions in addition to the byelaws, rules & regulations, resolutions, instructions governing allotment, possession, ownership, construction and transfer of apartment, or any other policy enforced by the firm’s management from time to time along with any policy enforced by the concerned development authority/Government department.

24- Utility installation / meter charges are not included in the payment plan and will be charged at the time of possession.

25- The prices mentioned on this registration form are for standard finishes displayed separately on sample board with tile price range upto PKR 500/ square meter & local sanitary fittings priced upto PKR 35000/ bathroom & kitchen cabinets & wardrobe & kitchen cabinets in standard lasani with plain Formica finish. For premium finishes an upgradation charge @Rs. 500/sft. shall be charged to the customer against the final billed area.

26- The renovation / addition alteration or re-construction of the property shall be strictly in accordance with applicable Town Planning and Architectural rules & regulations of the firm / concerned authority. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) will have to be obtained from the firm’s Design department before submitting the building plan for the approval to the authority. The Management will give Its NOC after clearance of all outstanding dues of the firm and payment of NOC fee prescribed by the firm. No construction on the property shall be carried out without due approval by the authorities and intimation of such approval to the management. In case of deviation in the construction, the applicant shall be the sole responsible for this act and shall bear the consequences along with penalties levied by the firm / concerned authority. The firm shall bear no responsibility in such an event.

27- The firm would make every effort to obtain Electricity, water supply, sewerage, and gas supply connection at the earliest for the project, however the firm accepts no responsibility if the supply of any of the above-mentioned services by the concerned government agencies/ departments are delayed.

28- If the Project Awami Residential Complex — Lahore, and its extension thereof, are abandoned (God forbid) due to any reason, the firm may offer the applicant registrations of similar value in its other projects or affiliated projects of similar monetary value or may choose to refund (as narrated in para 17 above ) the payments received in firms designated accounts only with proof/ bank deposit slips, from the applicant within a prescribed period of time as per policy announced by the management at the time of occurrence of such an event. However, if the down payment, installments, or Form’s price (if any) was not received in firm’s designated account mentioned in clause 8 then it shall not be refundable at all. It is clearly understood that in such an event, the applicant will not be entitled to any claim, damage or interest except the original amount paid by him/her in firm’s designated accounts only.